Bamboobacked bows - Konrad Vögele present the building of selfbows

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Bamboobacked bows


Bamboo is an excellent material to take the stress of the back of the bow while Osage Orange is very resilient.

From the combination of these two materials, together with the shape when I glue both parts together I can build a bow with a performance which comes near to the modern laminated fibre backed bows.

My laminated bows come in two designs:

"Aragon", a bow with a reflex/deflex shape
Prize is 790 €

"Eldur", the same handle as Aragon but the limbs are with less reflex. Opposite to "Aragon",  "Eldur" comes with recurves.
Prize is 820 €

At both designs the tips are covered with horn from water buffalo.

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