Konrad Vögele - Konrad Vögele present the building of selfbows

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Konrad Vögele

About me

Born in January 1959 at Ummendorf in the south of Germany

Since 19993 I’m enthusiastic about wooden bows. The simplicity, the way to work with the wood and its typical peculiarities makes the fascination for me.

In my way of building bows I especially try to uncover the inherent force of the wood. This means not to work against the wood but to work with respect for the material.

I’m a passionate archer on competitions with pretty good success. In 2006 and 2008 I won the German Championship. My biggest personal success was to win the Worls Championship 2007 in Switzerland (Wildhaus).

This is, together with my passion to build a perfect bow, the reason to make bows with high performance which can be shot very comfortable.

My Family

Special thanks to my wife, Gundi and my Children for their help.

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