Selfbows - Konrad Vögele present the building of selfbows

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Osage Orange is the best wood for wooden bows. It gives the fastest and most durable bows. For my bows I take a piece of wood, as grown, with its typical habit as there are small branches, knots and gnarls.

I like especially that this gives each bow its uniqe shape. So, each bow is unique.

My bows come with very delicate tips. By this, the mass of the limbs is minimized. This gives a faster and smoother shooting bow. The recurves result in a more even draw over the whole  length.

The tips come with horn from water buffalo.

Bogen from Osage Orange :   680,- €
Extra for Recurves:                  40,- €
Extra for Horntips:                   30,- €

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